Buggy-mounted seismic vibrator

30-ton output actuator
Automatic control and monitoring
of engine & transmission performance
with critical parameters displayed on a monitor in the cab
Independent video monitoring
of actuator performance
and back-up movement
Unique articulated frame
chassis (4×4)

Vibrator characteristics

  • Peak force 300.6 kN / 67,500 lbf
  • Mass weight 3,798 kg
  • Frequency range 5...250 Hz
  • Usable stroke 88 mm
  • Mass balance method 2 air bags
  • Operating temperature -40...+50°C
  • Baseplate area 2.5 m2
  • Baseplate weight 1,936 kg
  • Hold-down weight 297.2 kN / 66,790 lbf
  • Baseplate clearance 460 mm
  • Vibrator pump Denison 14P
  • Pump drive400hp @1,900 rpm
  • Control electronics Vikont / SvipMaster


Chassis Hydrostatic drive buggy (4 x 4).
Articulated all-welded tubular frame of high-strength low-temperature steel.

Engine YaMZ-7511
400 hp @ 1,900 rpm
Remote pneumatic control

Suspension Rigid axle-to-semiframe attachment
Pneumatic 23.5-25 tires (standard set)
Tire options: 28.1-25; 67x34.00-25; 66x43.00-25 or 66x44.00-25

  • Length 9,900 mm
  • Width 2.500 mm
  • Height 3,700 mm
  • GVW 32,060 kg
  • Maximum speed 38 km/h

Other vehicle details

  • All-welded metal structure
  • Two seats and a berth
  • Ergonomic adjustable seat (driver)
  • Air conditioning system
  • Cab heater and window defroster
  • Pre-heating from external source
  • Convenient dashboard with gauges and controls for engine and vibrator
  • Effective outside lights and inside lighting
  • Video monitoring of actuator operation and back-up movement

Hydraulic system

Integrated vibrator/vehicle hydraulic circuit
Single oil cooler with hydraulically-driven fan
Drive circuit:
  • two closed loop circuits with SAUER-DANFOSS
  • variable displacement pumps and motors,
  • electric control of hydraulic pumps and motors
Auxiliary Circuits:
  • steering pump drive,
  • oil cooler fan drive

Driving Axles

KIROVETS type with no-spin differentials


Articulated hydraulically-assisted system with SAUER-DANFOSS hydrostatic control components


  • Pre-start warming system to pre-heat engine, fuel tank, hydraulic tanks, cab, and batteries
  • Air dryer and water separator in air system
  • Engine coolant circulation to fuel and hydraulic tanks for fuel and oil-pre-heating
  • Insulated heater hoses
  • Arctic type canopy (option)


  • Hydraulic Drive
  • Capacity: 13.6 kN
Fuel tank 980 litres
Fuel distance 1,200 litres
Gradeability 60%
Articulated steering angle ±60 deg
Centre joint oscillation angle ±16 deg


Articulated frame SV-30/150B in East Siberia SV-30/150B